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to ALASKA  Accesorios

Since 2014 the brand specializes in the design and construction of accessories to be worn on the head.

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Roma / Italy / 2019

Prototype selected in the contest “DIGITAL MADE” of Fondazione Mondo Digitale. 

The prototype cap Aurora consist of a modular 3D printed Cap with the addition of an electronic system that allows the morphology to stand out in the dark through fiber optic.

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Our planet,

is a lonely speckin the great and enveloping cosmic darkness.

In our anonymity, in all this vastness

there are no signs of any help outside,

Come save us from ourselves.

Carl Sagan

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The editorial ‘Modern Life’ was taken with analog film by Berlin based photographer Luciana Damiao, with the film being made by Matthew Freiheit from 93 Degrees and featured on Subvrt Mag. The election of analog photography and two historical locations as backgrounds, allow art and architecture to be the extra tools that help us explore and understand our connection with creations and designs from the past to the present. The locations are an abandoned and empty building from the seventies, the Bierpinsel, and the populated and full of life Unité d’habitation from Le Corbusier, built in 1957.

Clothing pieces and accessories are by Therapy Recycle & Exorcise.

Hats by Alaska

Model Nati Cerutti 

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