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to ALASKA  Accesorios

Since 2014 the brand specializes in the design and construction of accessories to be worn on the head.


Project by Agustina Palazzo, Betiana Pavón & Mateus Sartori

3 Prize of the Reshape Contest / Smart Product Category / 2019

As the name implies, this project is inspired both in concept and morphology, by the Russian Constructivist movement and the so-called "transmission arts". The antennas, reinterpreted as sculptures, transmitters of a Utopian message, were taken as a means of functional artistic expression. "The art created to be built" sought to represent recognizable objects, made based on geometric rigor. 


The mission and vision of this project is focused on manifesting the sonority of the invisible in a performance act, expressing our increased perception. Our experience with the environment is limited by our own biology: our senses, they function as inputs that our brain decodes into information that makes our perception of things. Radio frequencies are part of an environment that constantly crosses us but is invisible and inaudible. Including technology and electronics in this project, allows us to receive these waves, transform them into data and at the same time with the user's auditory and intuitive interpretation to generate totally random musical sounds as output, a performative act. 


Radio communication is the technology that enables the transmission of signals through the modulation of electromagnetic waves. These waves do not require a physical means of transport, so they can propagate through vacuum. Radiorator helmet is a wearable that allows to hear the radio frequencies of the broad spectrum. With an antenna the user receive the frequencies according to their own movements allowing the possibility to interact with the environment. The radio frequencies are digitally decoded in sounds and images in a Raspberry pi. Those sounds are reinterpreted by the user/performer that process and loop the signals with a kaossilator pro generating experimental ambient music.



Editorial for Vanity Teen

Photography: Letu Salvi @letusalvi
Model: James Finlayson at @univerdescoutsndstreethunting
Styling/Production: Betiana Pavon @betiana_jpg
Hats: Alaska @alaska_accesorios
Clothes: ZAGV @zagvofficialsite

Samsung EGO / INNOVATION PROJECT 2019 / ALASKA Accesorios

DECOSTRUCTIVE HEADS / Authorship Betiana Pavón

The winning project of the Samsung EGO Innovation Project 2019 contest, is focused on the design, prototyping and development of "head accessories". Re-referred to as "portable objects", a perfect excuse to crown the head with a distinctive piece, a piece that can be unique, that identifies directly with its user and interacts with it, using Samsung devices as a link. As for typologies and morphologies, the concept of “portable structures” is addressed, which can be constructed and deconstructed through modules, achieving almost abstract accessories. The inspirational axis of this collection is the "Deconstructivist Movement" reflected in organic forms, fragmented, distorted and complex geometries ... product of the incorporation of new technologies (Hardware: machinery, electronics) and computational design tools (Software). The conception of this collection is based on the liberation of geometry and rules in general.

ALASKA Accesorios / Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid / 2019

Fashion Week in Madrid July 2019, the Samsung EGO Innovation Project opens the runway, which rewards innovation in the field of fashion incorporating the latest technological advances.

Betiana Pavón is the designer behind the proposal that extols the relationship between accessories and technology, an idea that is defined as contemporary headgear. There were 7 looks of minimalist aesthetics and futuristic dyes, which complemented the "wereables" intelligent pieces. An alternative way of designing through digital manufacturing, computing and electronics.


Clothing > ZAGV

Shoes > Silvia Fadó